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About us

Smplicity is a specialist Salesforce agency based in London and established in September 2016.

We are adopters of simplicity, it is our mantra.

The company was founded by a past senior Salesforce specialist working at management consulting company Accenture on the premise that many organisations in the Small Medium Enterprise and Not for Profit sector are struggling with Salesforce and cannot afford the current high consultancy rates found in the market place. We wanted to change that. Our focus is simplified consulting for Small Medium Enterprise and Not for Profits. 

We are highly experienced Salesforce experts with over 10+ years of deep knowledge and understanding of CRM. We leverage our vast experiences from the fast paced world of Enterprise Corporations to apply best practice, processes and principles for Small Medium Enterprise and Not for Profits enabling them to do more with less.

From our experience we can see that most Small Medium Enterprise and Not for Profits require a personalised CRM service so that they can get the best out of a Salesforce instance for their organisation. We improve the efficiency and quality of service an organisation can provide to their customers.

We are firm believers that a business is defined by the way it behaves; the type of services it offers, and the moral and ethical approach it takes in looking to add value within community and within society. To do that there needs to be monetisation in there to create profits and to be sustainable, but never to maximise profits. We realise that cost is a barrier to gain access to highly experienced people that your organisation really requires. We believe this should not be the case. Your organisation should not have to settle for people and partners who do not cut the mustard to get the outcomes your organisation and its customers really require and deserve. We have priced ourselves at a much lower cost than what is available in the current market place today so that you can get a better and quicker return on investment with Salesforce running in your organisation.

I strongly believe the business of a business is to improve the world
— Marc Benioff, Founder of Salesforce