What is the Salesforce Talent Alliance and why is Smplicity partnering with them?

The Salesforce Talent Alliance is an initiative directly from Salesforce aimed at bringing new talent into the ecosystem, with a specific focus on encouraging inclusivity and diversity. As the platform continues expanding at an exponential rate, the need for new Salesforce professionals is greater than ever.

As a registered Salesforce Partner Smplicity Consulting we are proud to support the Salesforce Talent Alliance for the year 2021, as we believe in giving back to the Salesforce community and developing the Salesforce Professionals of the future based on our current team’s experiences and methodologies from our continuous successful project delivery.

Our Team

Why are we partnering with Salesforce Talent Alliance?

Everyone has to begin their career somewhere and gain experience, the majority of our team has built their careers in Salesforce using Trailheads and project experiences and would like to give something back to the next generation of Salesforce Professionals to build their careers.

It is estimated that the Salesforce ecosystem will drive 4.2 million new Jobs by 2024. To help bring new talent into the Salesforce ecosystem, we as partners need to work together to build a diverse workforce, but that reflects society around the globe. Encouraging a diverse environment is not only the right thing to do, it will foster even more team productivity as businesses look to tackle even more complex deployments as the platform continues to evolve.

At Smplicity Consulting we are helping to provide recent graduates/recruits with the tools, resources, and experience necessary to develop the foundations of their Salesforce knowledge and place them on the path to becoming highly effective Consultants or Developers.

Despite the lockdown, we have hired some of the best talents within Mauritius and are continuing to support our clients with our projects, many of which have a long term commitment. Our working model and practices have enabled us to adapt really quickly for maintaining our services. We have the ability to fully work remotely without any problem. All our team members are equipped with a stack of tools that they can access on desktop and on mobile as well as the equipment for online collaboration.

Salesforce’s Talent Alliance and Smplicity Consulting’s commitment to training and inclusivity is evident in all the great work that’s already happening across the ecosystem with Trailhead, and training and re-skilling opportunities.

CSR Activity

What we have done so far to support the Salesforce Talent Alliance?

Our COO and Founder Goolshun S. Belut has been supporting the Salesforce Fundamentals: Build your Salesforce Skills Trailhead series as a guest speaker addressing questions from students around the Salesforce theory with scenarios real-life project experiences connecting the theory to the practical elements and best practices of providing Salesforce solutions. These have been interactive events and we have enjoyed participating and interacting with the Salesforce professionals of the future.

Salesforce Trailblazer Connect Careers Fair – EMEA 21st January 21

Our Team is participating in the Salesforce Talent Alliance Careers Fair for EMEA being hosted on Thursday 21st January 21. This event is to connect Salesforce customers and partners with professionals seeking their next opportunity. Most job seekers will be new to the Salesforce ecosystem but have proven a level of Salesforce proficiency by completing a certification or super badge. This event will be the first of its kind to be hosted remotely.

These individuals are looking for their first job in the Salesforce ecosystem. Employers will be interacting with job seekers through the virtual platform Hopin via virtual booth, chat, and 1-1 private meeting/interviews.

Other organisations at this Event include Capgemini, Standard Bank, Hays Plc, Appirio, and many others.

About Us

Tips for success.

We reached out to our team at Smplicity to find out their tips for the success within the Salesforce Ecosystem. Here are some of their thoughts we have captured.

“Being new to Salesforce, trailheads helped me to set the right direction and focus on learning Salesforce during preparation for my Admin Exam and interact with the tool in a safe environment”

Ashfaq Dookhee – Salesforce Admin

“Trailheads helped me to understand the fundamental theories behind Salesforce and how it can improve end users processes. The theory when mapped with real world project experiences really helped to solidify the knowledge for exams completed for my Admin and Sales Cloud Consulting Certifications”.

Arvin Ramkalawon – Salesforce Admin and Sales Cloud Consultant

We are delighted with the new partnership with Salesforce Talent Alliance to help bring new talent into the Salesforce ecosystem.

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