Project Description

Case Studies

Some clients we have worked with


Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund pays bail for New Yorkers who can’t afford even modest amounts, and who would be jailed or forced to plead guilty just to go home.

They work with allies here in New York and across the country in the fight to end cash bail. They are challenging the criminalisation of race and poverty, the practice of putting a price on fundamental rights, and the persistent myth that bail is a necessary element of the justice system.


Implementation of Salesforce for Fundraising and building a full fledged Client Management platform specific for the management of Bail, Support Services, Court Appearances, Court Outcomes

What we did


The client was struggling with the management of fundraising activities, as a solution we have assisted them with the transitioning from their spreadsheets and google docs by implementing the Salesforce Not For Profit package to increase process efficiency and enhanced visibility across the team. The project was completed in 5 weeks including training and support time.

Client Services Management

On successful completion of the Fundraising team, the client requested a solution to manage the clients they serve and the tracking of the support services and bail paying. They were having difficulties managing the day to day activities because of the custom built database could not scale as they growing which made fall back on to spreadsheet. As a solution, we have leveraged the Salesforce platform and build an application on Salesforce which now enables to have 360 view of their clients and any linked activities such court appearances, bail and support services provided in one place.

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