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Generation Success

Generation Success is an inspiring network that advances social mobility by empowering young people of diversity to reach their career aspirations. The organisation is based in London. Generation Success is a nonprofit organisation with an objective to Provide Diverse Students & Graduates with Unique Training and Mentorship to Enable Them to Get Their Dream Job.

“We are an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to create equal access and opportunities for a fairer world”


Salesforce Non-Profit – Implementation and Gmail Integration, lead & Opportunity stages optimisation

What we did

After acquiring the licenses for the Salesforce Foundation, they did not know how to implement and use the products further. On this note, James Adeleke chief executive of Generation Success approached Smplicity.

We worked with the client to implement a process to track people who have applied for job opportunities and managed the whole process until being awarded their jobs. After a couple of workshops and gaining further information, our team designed and defined the lead process for page layout, stages, and record type using Salesforce CRM. The aim was to implement the overall process on the not-for-profit cloud along with configuring Gmail Integration with Salesforce.

The first stage of Salesforce non-profit was in 2019 and in 2021 we helped the organisation integrate Gmail with salesforce using Einstein activity capture and improve the lead/opportunity stages to align with the business.

Moreover, we helped the client with account and contact management again using Salesforce CRM.

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