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Keep Driving

Keep Driving is the first Western Australian-owned and operated credit hire company, offering an accident replacement vehicle service. In the event of a motor vehicle accident in which you are not at fault, Keep Driving can provide an accident replacement vehicle, equivalent or like your own, at no cost to you. You are entitled to this vehicle for the duration of the repair period or until you have received payment if your vehicle is written-off. They will then manage the recovery of the rental costs from the at-fault party on your behalf.


Support and Improvement – Sales process implementation and Car rental API Development

What we did

Salesforce has been designed with SMEs in mind, as a flexible, simple, quick, and intuitive platform providing you detailed information on your sales and operations for better decisions. The nature of the Salesforce app structure is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to build on what you already have and scale up in relation to your operations.

Keep Driving did not have any process in their Salesforce to capture leads from their website and other sources. There were issues with the conversion rate to revenue as not everyone was following the same processes within the organisation. The organisation approached Smplicity to help them with the Salesforce consultancy and support. Our dedicated Salesforce experts helped their team by reworking their Salesforce data modeling. This was followed by implementing a business approach for Lead and Opportunity through guided paths to explain the entrance and exit criteria for each of the stages. As part of the Salesforce consultancy engagement, our team helped them by providing architectural guidance.

In addition, Keep Driving runs their rental system on a standalone system and they were unable to integrate this system with salesforce.

The project lasted for 4 months, where our Salesforce development team successfully helped them with rental car management API integration.

We helped the client with the document checklist items. Finally, we offered new insights into ways in which the client can take advantage of Salesforce by planning Solution Roadmaps for which parts of Salesforce functionality could be implemented strategically.

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