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NurtureUK is an established charity organisation with a rich history and growing ambitions dedicated to improving the social, emotional, mental health, and wellbeing of children and young people. They have been at the forefront of the nurture movement for over 50 years, and today – with ever more children and young people affected by issues that can impact their learning – our work is more vital than ever.

Their vision is a world where child development isn’t limited by lack of nurture in education and a mission dedicated to improving life chances of children and young people by promoting nurture across the whole education system and beyond.


Integrate data from WordPress/WooCommerce to Salesforce

What we did

Smplicity’s philosophy is to go even further, beyond expectations, transcending requirements to provide a more positive impact as a service provider and make your organisation stay one step ahead of the competition and in line with best practices. We have helped companies across different industries including Fitness, Transportation, Financial Institutions, Non-profits organisations, and many more through our engagements.

As part of a digital transformation project initiated at the end of 2019, NurtureUK completed the build of their new CRM (Salesforce) in March 2021 and was developing a new website for early Autumn 2021. NurtureUk approached Smplicity to assist with the integration of their Salesforce CRM and their new website (WordPress/Woocommerce).

Our Salesforce expert team gathered together to help drive business value for NurtureUK using Salesforce. Smplicity assisted the business with:

  • Advice on Integration Tools for WordPress/Woocommerce to Salesforce
  • Guiding the client with implementing integrations using Zapier
  • Implementing integrations with WordPress/Woocommerce to Salesforce (webhook request)
  • Implementing automation within their current CRM to minimise tasks requiring manual inputs to speed up processes saving time on daily tasks.

The project was 3 months in duration, where the Salesforce Developer and Business Analyst successfully helped the organisation with the integration, Salesforce advisory, and development support.

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