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Selbey Anderson
Selbey Anderson is a creative agency group using integrated marketing communication to drive client outcomes across the whole customer experience
Selbey Anderson is a group of seven creative agencies. They focus on digital marketing and public relations. They are all about great ideas and flawless execution. They are based in London. They have marketing superpowers and use them to support businesses.


Improving Salesforce Platform UI and training

What we did

Salesforce the world leader in terms of CRM, is a powerful tool designed to accompany decision-makers, implementers, and executives within any organisations. It will only perform as an excellent tool if it is properly adopted by the end-users.

Selbey Anderson is utilising a Salesforce platform for its constituent businesses. The platform was not effectively supporting the business to meet its objectives.

The client wanted to improve the Salesforce platform to enhance their user experience. As a solution, we made improvements to the platform so that that it supports process and management reporting. In addition to that, we have assisted them to make Salesforce more user-friendly within their organisation. One of the easiest ways to increase user adoption in Salesforce was to make it more accessible through training. During periods of change management, which is becoming more frequent now, new approaches can seem daunting, and even more so when you are not familiar with how they work. Train your staff very early on how to use Salesforce, whether they have to make a decision or develop a strategy.

Smplicity has assisted in providing Salesforce service through a blended team of architect, analyst, configurator, and programmer skill sets, delivered as blended person days as follow:

The project was completed within a month including time allocated for support.

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