Project Description

Case Studies

Some clients we have worked with


Tomorrow’s People
Large Charity organisation which has been established in the UK to help disadvantaged adults and young people to get and keep a job. The focus is on improving the long-term work prospects of those who face the greatest barriers to work.


Implementation of Salesforce non profit success pack

What we did

We worked with the client to define business processes across seven different functional capabilities. With that information, our team designed and built a CRM System based on to increase process efficiency, and allow for better, secure information tracking and sharing across their organization. We facilitated one-time system migration and data migration from legacy systems. We also configured Gmail Integration with Salesforce.

The project started mid-April 2016 Salesforce CRM System was successfully deployed in June 2016 across multiple functional departments. We have provided ‘train the trainer’ approach and deployment that supported ongoing roll-out of the system to new users.

In addition, we helped the client meet its objective to able to track and maintain important relationships in reliable,a better visibility on their donation pipeline. Finally, we offered new insight into the myriad ways in which the client can take advantages of Salesforce.

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