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The culture at Smplicity Consulting has always been about [...]

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After event experience

It was a pleasure for us at Smplicity to participate in the Salesforce Trailblazer Connect Fair as part of our commitment to our partners at the Salesforce Talent Alliance.

2021-11-08T14:51:12+01:00January 25, 2021|

Smplicity – Kick Off tips

With the Salesforce Talent Alliance, Salesforce and Partnerforce are working together to empower people of all backgrounds to skill up for the future and land jobs in our fast-growing ecosystem.

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From Zero to Hero in Collaboration – 15 Advantages of Using Quip

During COVID-19 we have all had a new normal in terms of the ways of working and which tools we use to collaborate remotely. There are many tools out there, so why is Quip different especially during this time where we are all working remotely? Let’s help you to understand how easy Quip is to adopt and use within your organisation.

2020-11-11T14:32:16+01:00July 30, 2020|
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