The telecommunication industry is a rapidly changing industry, due in large part to advances in technology and evolving consumer preferences, and Salesforce offers a modern, cloud-based CRM platform to help service providers deliver personalised experiences and best-in-class solutions across the subscriber lifecycle.

A growing customer database may be a gold mine in business terms but poses a fair challenge on its own. There are 5.3 billion unique telecom subscribers in the world according to the Newsroom. That is a lot of data, and with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science becoming more and more of a mainstay in business circles, this is important data. But do you ever thought about how difficult it is for telecom companies to manage each customer database? Having a database doesn’t mean you have everything, sorting and arranging them in a sequence can streamline the sales, marketing, and support job so that all of them can work with each other cooperatively.

All this is possible for the telecom world if they have Salesforce CRM so that they can track each interaction with customers through different channels. This is not the limit; it can analyse these interactions and provide you with valuable insights to improve the overall performance of your team.

Why must telecommunications specialist companies have Salesforce?

Database management

Other industries could benefit from having a big database that has continuous growth, but in the telecommunication industry, this could be very hard to manage.
With Salesforce your team can access the information for any customer, it does not matter about the channel that the interaction is created, the adviser can offer the service without obstacles.
The teams can:

  • Offer better customer service with coherent information and interaction recommendations.
  • Know perfectly the customer journey and have recommendations from the Einstein tool to design and manage marketing strategies.
  • Generate quality leads and close more deals.
  • Have a higher conversion rate.
  • Track customer data regardless of the channel it comes from and integrate all information in one place.
  • Focus the attention on those customers that already have a record inside your company to improve the sales.

Effective Customer Interactions

How you interact with your customer, defines whether he’ll come back to you or not. it’s being said, “the first impression is the last”. Because of the large customer base telecommunication customer database, provide s seamless interaction with its customer can be a challenging task. But Implementing Salesforce CRM solves this problem in the telecom industry very smoothly.

Follow-ups and tracking

The telecom industry has to deal with a large set of customers daily; hence keeping an eye watch 24×7 hrs on each action taken by the customer is a tough task. however, using the Salesforce data consolidation feature, make the work done in no time.
Understanding which customer is at what stage of the pipeline can be an arduous task, and with customers running in the number of millions, this task becomes next to impossible. Salesforce, however, presents a simple solution with a branch of its data consolidation feature. The detailed data also includes real-time updates on the customer’s current status with the organization. You can filter the customers that are, let’s say, regular customers from those that are new. You can also filter those that recently made a purchase and send out an automated follow-up response. You can track their social media behaviors to interpret their level of satisfaction with respect to your product, a little far-fetched but there’s room for improvement and development.

Easy management of complaints or claims

We know that the telecommunication equipment is not perfect, and other inconveniences can happen that could make that some customers do not feel comfortable with the services, here is where the complaints or claims start to come to our advisers, in this points is very important to have a good driving, because, as we said before, some opinions have more repercussions on the image of our companies, and in general, there are negative.
A good follow in most cases and the recommendations to solve the problem will be easier with the support of software like Salesforce.

These are just a few of the benefits that telecommunications companies can have with the Salesforce implementation, there are more because Salesforce is very complete software for telecommunications that can fit perfectly with the needs of every company and their growth.

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