Over the last few years at Smplicity, we have been running many webinars on regular occasions for our clients and working in collaboration with our partners including Salesforce. Due to popular demand, we are pleased to the official launch of the Smplicity Webinar series for a wider audience starting next Thursday 18th February 2021 3 pm – 4 pm GMT.

What is the first webinar in this new series about?

Please see below. We hope you can join us for the live events.

The first webinar in the series is about the 5 big mistakes to avoid for Sales & Marketing with your Salesforce.

Stay tuned for the next edition

Who is this for?

If you are in a Senior Sales, Marketing, or IT role in a B2B organisation and you have been tasked to look after your organisation’s Salesforce, then this webinar series will provide you with a clear and practical set of tasks you could apply right away.

In these unprecedented times of change, the entire customer relationship is moving online.

This shift is driving businesses to reimagine how they build trusted relationships and loyalty with customers through 1:1 and 1:many interactions across all digital channels. Your Salesforce platform (or other CRM) on the other hand has now become the most important thing to focus on to be able to thrive during these times of change. However, you feel you are not getting enough from your Salesforce for many reasons.

5 BIG MISTAKES: Join our upcoming webinar where we will be focusing on the 5 major things you may not be doing right in your Salesforce platform, and how you can address them effectively to drive improved Sales and Revenue, and get better ROI from your Salesforce. Given the unprecedented times of change, your business could be at risk if those issues are not addressed

Clients Testimonials


With a combined 40 years of Salesforce experience in the B2B segment working with companies like Sky, Vodafone, Pearson & CitySprint, Vinod Mistry & Goolshun Belut will cover the below topics and share some of the best practices that they learnt over their careers and successfully applied at their clients. You will learn about both the business side & Salesforce-specific functions give you the best direction to solve these issues for your organisation.

We will round up the session with an audience Q&A. See you there!

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