The pandemic had pushed businesses outside of their comfort zones, forcing them to find innovative solutions to problems almost never encountered before. As restrictions ease around the world and organisations start embracing the new normal, the future is shaping up now, with new trends and approaches being explored and validated. 

Smplicity and Salesforce collaborated to offer new possibilities and an opportunity for enhanced collaboration by regrouping changemakers from leading enterprises in an impactful one-day workshop in the beautiful surroundings of Anahita Resort on the 21st of June 2022, with a view of converting problems into opportunities and developing sustainable solutions. 

Participants from different industries: Business Leaders from Telco, Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, and so on benefited from interactive sessions which explored some of the challenges faced by their organisations, delivered by Goolshun Belut, founder and Managing Director of Smplicity and Dany Yassine, experienced Salesforce consultant from Salesforce. They shared some critical insights on how to build the foundation for future-proof solutions, taking a 360-degree approach to threats and weaknesses, and converting them into opportunities and strong points. 

Salesforce provides a springboard for scalable efficient solutions focused on your potential and existing customer needs from day one.

Goolshun elaborated on several instances of successful digital transformation journeys, rich from his experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Danny offered practical and pragmatic examples of how Salesforce is much more than a platform, with the potential to leverage solutions across various types of organisations to streamline business operations. He demonstrated the ease and customer-friendly possibilities offered by Salesforce with a live demonstration, with the technical assistance of Akshaye Fowdar from Smplicity to showcase how Salesforce can improve your processes and empower your organisation to deliver more and better for your clients.

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66% of customers are willing to invest more to ensure reliable and sustainable solutions.

This keynote speaker for the day, Kevin Obeegadoo, seasoned international business consultant and board member at the Economic Development of Mauritius, explained in very clear and simple terms, how to get back to the basics and understand customers by showing them your love through dedicated customer service and care. 

The session ended with an enthusiastic team-building golf initiation session, allowing the participants to fully enjoy the hospitality of the resort.

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