A Strong Woman Stands up for Herself… A Stronger Woman Stands up for Everyone Else!

We are a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, a Mother, and a Woman in today’s Digital Era.
Happy International Women’s Day to you all from Smplicity.

It celebrates equality and diversity, reflecting the incredible achievements of women around the world. . This year’s theme is ”We are strong: Women are leading the fight against COVID-19”.

Salesforce is one of the companies leading the way as a champion of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness with key positions being held by women. The Salesforce Women in Tech (@SFDCWiT) initiative has been roaring for some time already in the community and there is no doubt that the voices will only get louder and more empowering.

From Ada Lovelace, who is considered as one of the pioneer computer programmers, a visionary who sketched the way for programming and computers are looked at, to Sheryl Sandberg, who spearheaded major operations at Yahoo and Facebook, the Women in Tech are growing in numbers and breaking the glass ceiling in terms of opportunities, positions, and possibilities.

Henusha Samoo

Smplicity also prides itself on having equality and diversity in its workforce. Our Head of Digital Marketing, Henusha has established herself as a leader in her field, having focused on building her knowledge and skills. She has paved her way to Digital Marketing Head, having started as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Coordinator. Since joining Smplicity, Henusha has designed and implemented a content strategy that has positioned the organisation strategically, providing focused customer service and meeting company objectives.

“It is important to keep in mind that digital marketing is dynamic in nature and marketers and thought leaders must adapt to these changes to work effectively and efficiently. You will face challenges along the way. You should keep going and make it happen. I live by one motto at work, which helps our organisation grow and thrive: Powering your Digital Dream = taking your Business Ahead.

Humairaa Kurimbux

I have been working as a Salesforce Developer for the last four years. During this time I have experienced life changes both professionally and personally. It is important to have and maintain a work-life balance while working towards professional success.

It is important as a woman to work in a company, that understands the challenges mothers face and allows for flexible working arrangements that can help to retain their great female employees, leaders, and future leaders.

It is really a challenge to get back to a normal working life after having a baby. I was not sure I would be able to manage within my professional life after this major change. Since returning to work Smplicity has provided me with all the support I need, most importantly flexible working hours, which allows me to focus on my career while taking care of my baby.

CSR Activities

Preeyashini Seebaruth

When I started my tech career, I accepted that there might be some bias in this field; women are sometimes perceived as less technical, and I felt a need to show extensive experience and track record of success.

I was pleasantly surprised when I joined Smplicity. Here, I get all the support and empowerment to pursue my ambitions and reach my potential. I feel valued for my achievements and successes.

Women need to be confident and believe more in themselves. The picture is changing. Today, more companies are embracing a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

We hope that some of our stories inspire and help other women and we salute all women on this day – be stronger!!