Question: Is it too late to consider a digital transformation project?

It is certainly never too late for lagging organisations to embrace digital transformation and clouds. Businesses must now find the people and partners to help them move ahead.

Digital Transformation according to most commentators has been accelerated by the pandemic and has been identified as the key priority initiative for businesses everywhere! So what might this look like? What does it mean for your company? What solution works? How can you leverage Salesforce to drive digital transformation?
Well to help answer these questions, Smplicity recently hosted a webinar with one of our Client’s where they mentioned how they use Salesforce to drive digital transformation to:

  • Drive improved customer experience
  • Create a new digital onboarding process
  • Support the next initiatives in the business strategy

With these learnings the benefits for you include:

  • Insights into what tangible improvements in customer experience look like
  • Understanding how Salesforce enables digital transformation across the whole customer experience
  • Understanding the ease and speed of delivering on Salesforce using the right capability

Let’s hear from one of their clients – New digital workflows and engagement channels have helped CitySprint unlock greater value.

Sam Sturgess from Citysprint Provider of courier delivery and logistics services in the United Kingdom mentioned

  • “Speed is of the essence for a lot of our deliveries,”

She also added why Salesforce was the right choice for delivering this digital transformation:

  • Salesforce Platform is the platform for ‘Customer Interaction’ – this was firmly in the Customer Interaction zone
  • The toolsets and capabilities such as Lightning Flow meant that solutions could be created as configurations rather than more traditional ‘coding’ – therefore it was faster and more intuitive
  • It is future proof – further improvements and features could be added/built out optimally because all the customer data and Salesforce functionality are in one place, and it is all compatible with the regular Salesforce releases.
Digital Transformation Webinar

Rosie Bailey who is the Commercial Director at CitySprint added:

‘Smplicity understood our business culture and our relative inexperience. Quite simply, they got us over the line and their team put in long hours on-site to support us, really doing much more than was required of them.

Our relationship has deepened and they have become our ongoing support partner. They have helped with the development of our internal teams and capabilities. They understand our strategy and journey and have created solutions that have allowed us to deliver market-leading innovation for our customers.

They spend time thinking about our business strategy and suggesting Salesforce-based solutions to help us achieve our goals. We really wouldn’t be without them.” Further added Rosie.

The Covid era may be one that we can’t wait to get past and forget, but it has created tremendous momentum for digital transformation projects that were planned but never executed. Still, the question remains, how fast can we get to the future?

Smplicity has been operating as a trusted Salesforce Consulting partner for the past few years, offering affordable and reliable Salesforce Support Services to your many organisations, from simple advisory solutions to more complex multi-layered implementations. Our philosophy and work ethos is to go even further, beyond expectations, transcending requirements to provide a more positive impact as a service provider and make your organisation stay one step ahead of the competition and in line with best practices.

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