“A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong” – Unknown

We are so grateful to have a great diverse team at Smplicity, and we have to recognise that the women bring in many contributions and values to our organisation. It’s high time for all of us to embrace and celebrate the strengths of women in business and in tech, they bring so much energy, passion, and commitment. We are successful because of this diversity.

Goolshun S. Belut
Believer in People & Diversity
Managing Director – Smplicity.co

What our Women in Tech have to say:

“We are super excited about the opportunities that brought us to the present. This is something that we wish for all women.”
Not everyone will be lucky enough to have an experience as we have at Smplicity. We help create pathways for women at all stages of their journey and be intentional about education and opportunities.

Smplicity Consulting has recently celebrated its 5th Birthday in 2021. There have been many accomplishments and growth over time. We have completed over 90 Salesforce projects, positive AppExchange reviews, and surveys and have grown as a team and continuing to grow as we go into our 6th year. Over the years we have seen the team grow from 4 to 20 people at this time of writing.

In terms of the team, it is a family culture and the individuals have contributed to this in various ways. We all know the saying “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”. Today let’s focus on the women of Smplicity and recognise their contributions and accomplishments to our journey.

Careers at Smplicity

Humairaa Kurimbux – Salesforce Developer – Mauritius

Humairaa has been part of Smplicity for over a year now. She has shown us all that you can have a work-life balance and reflect on our achievements to keep going forward.

She can be described as caring, kind, friendly, and has a smile to diffuse even the most serious and tense situations. She is always willing to help others both as an individual and as part of the team.
Her young son Zayn is even part of our Smplicity family and joins our calls regularly. She never gives up and looks for the positives in any situation.

What is it like working in tech as a female?

‘I absolutely love being a woman in tech! I have been lucky enough to be working in an environment that is diverse and supportive of everyone. I would love to see more females, especially working mothers in leading positions in Tech – so I would love to be able to change the misconceptions people have about working mothers not being able to also be strong leaders in the tech space.’

About Smplicity

Preeyashini Seebaruth – Salesforce Developer Mauritius and the United Kingdom

Preeyashini (also known as Preeya) has been part of Smplicity for a year now. Even though she has just graduated as a Project Manager, she has made many remarkable achievements at the start of her Salesforce journey already during her time at Smplicity.

She has shown us that learning is an enjoyable experience and we can apply these quickly in order for many people to benefit. She has become an example to our team established and new hires and is the ambassador to our ways of working with our clients.

She is known for always being willing to learn and help others benefit from this knowledge and is recognised as a strong team player. She started her career in Mauritius and is now in the UK continuing with us.

What is it like working in tech as a female?

‘Always believe in yourself to be strong and confident in your own abilities. I am lucky that I work for a company that is very equal in gender but, in general, I would love to see more women my age getting into the tech industry.

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary

Henusha B. Samoo – Digital Marketing Executive/Brand Ambassador – Mauritius

Henusha has been part of our Smplicity journey since she started working here 3 years ago. She has been sharing the story of Smplicity behind the scenes to all of you, through many different mediums including posts, presentations, pictures, and many words.
She was initially a graphic designer where she designed our Logos which you see everywhere. She has developed our marketing strategy from just going beyond social media content to much more.

She was one of our first Mauritius employees and has developed the family culture we are renowned for both internally and externally. She took a non-conventional career path in a Salesforce consultancy firm, although she works internally she is responsible for the public image of Smplicity.

What is it like working in tech as a female?

‘I’ve only been working in the tech industry for 3 and a half years and was always been under the impression it was a very male-heavy industry, however, at Smplicity we are lucky enough to have a very gender-balanced workforce with 3 Salesforce Developers being females. We also have a great working environment where everyone really supports each other and it is so motivating and inspiring. I’m lucky that so far, in my experience, it feels fair and equal regardless of gender. It definitely fills me with confidence that I can go on to be a female CMO one day!’

Meet the team

Smplicity is committed to increasing the visibility of women in tech and promoting them in all aspects of the business. We would also like to congratulate all women who have made incredible achievements in their respective fields and encourage more young women to step into the tech world.

We are a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, a Mother, and a Woman in today’s Digital Era.
Happy International Women’s Day to you all from Smplicity.

Careers at Smplicity