What happened at the Trailblazer Connect Fair?

It was a pleasure for us at Smplicity to participate in the Salesforce Trailblazer Connect Fair on the 21st January 2021 as part of our commitment to our partners at the Salesforce Talent Alliance.

During the event, we had the chance to meet and interact with various members of the Salesforce Ecosystem who were at different stages in their careers. We seized this opportunity to share our knowledge, experience, and passion that we have been gathering during the past years, with the community. We met over 50 attendees who joined from various regions across EMEA i.e. from The UK, UAE, France, Netherlands as well as many other countries.


How did we do it and who was involved?

Our team based in UK and Mauritius was able to interact with our attendees through the ‘Hopin’ video conferencing platform using different channels. During the expo, we got to learn about the different individuals’ experiences in salesforce and what they were seeking from this event. The platform allowed us to have 1:1 interactions with a number of attendees- where we were able to get to know certain individuals on a personal level and guide them towards what we would say in our language ‘Salesforce success’.

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Our thoughts

We noted that there was a lot of interest in how our team built up their experience with Salesforce, tools, and proven methodologies.

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Together is Better

A massive applause to everyone who joined and who were eager to know about us and Salesforce. You could see so much passion in the eyes of each individual and I wish you all a great future ahead in Salesforce.”

Goolshun Belut, COO / Founder

We all enjoyed the energy and high interaction with everyone and was a lively session. We got to share our own experiences working in Salesforce and how we built the Smplicity practice, as well as share our true experience and brief tips around methodology and techniques working with Salesforce implementations and interacting with stakeholders.”

Arvin Ramkalawon, Global Operations Director

We were transparent about our stories and how we started our career journeys differently in Salesforce to where we are today.

Ashfaaq Dookhee, Delivery Centre Lead

Even a pandemic couldn’t stop us from sharing our knowledge and experiences! Truly one of the best experiences and can’t wait to join more like these in the future and hopefully it will be face to face experience.”

Anivesh Prosand, Business Analyst
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Thank you

A special thank you to the Salesforce Talent Alliance Team for inviting us to participate in this event and giving us the fortuity to introduce Smplicity and share our experiences to attendees meeting us at our booth.

As we say in French, “Un Grand Merci” to all those who joined us and participated in the sessions and making this a really memorable and positive experience for everyone.

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