Work is not always about making money and achieving goals. Work should also include having a great relationship with your team members, going for occasional after-work drinks, maybe have a few games of bowling or create social awareness to the world demonstrating the importance of performing Corporate Social Responsibility.

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On the 26th November 2020, Our Smplicity Team in Mauritius had the privilege to pay a visit to a school of those in need- Flacq Disabled centre in order to share awareness to the community and to demonstrate the need of CSR activities in today’s world.

Flacq Disabled Centre is a school which was founded in 1998 and registered in 1999 by Ms Vishwanee Aukhey and has been recognised by the East of the island for many years now. It currently consists of 48 students aged 4-25 and has 15 staff members taking care of the students.

The students are always passionate about meeting new people and are being brought up in a way where they can find a great career in the future. Teachers work day in and day out in order to satiate all their needs and goals.

A few students are even recognised nationally for their passion and hard work in education, sports, etc.

As mentioned before, it was a privilege for our team to spend a day at Flacq Disabled Centre. They were approached warmly and had an absolutely fantastic time. There were games, food and also a mini surprise Sega (Mauritian Music) show performed by the kids which were heart-warming to those there.

Note: Teelesh Deeljore who won Silver Medal in 50 m Run in World Special Olympics Summer Los Angeles 2015

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CSR activities strengthen the bond among employees. People develop a habit of working together as a single unit to help others. In fact, they start enjoying work together and also become good friends in due course of time. They also develop a sense of loyalty and attachment towards their organisation which is at least thinking for society. Who does not like to work with an organisation where management is kind enough to take out time for society and contribute in their own small way? Ask yourselves, when was the last time you did something for your society, customers, stakeholders, or environment?

Corporate social responsibility also goes a long way in building a positive image of the brand. Trust me, your brand becomes a “common man’s brand”. People start believing in the brand and nothing can help you more than your customers trusting you and your brand. Positive word of mouth eventually helps to generate more revenues for the organization.


In today’s scenario of cutthroat competition, everyone is so occupied in chasing targets and handling the routine within the workplace that we can sometimes forget that there is a world around us as well. Corporate social responsibility in a way also plays a crucial role in the progress of society, which would at the end of the day benefit us only.

Note: As a result, the connection between our staff and the school has just begun to flourish and will of course lead to many more meeting between the 2 parties. Here at Smplicity, we will be doing our best in order to make CSR activities more routine and provide help where it is needed. We are not only a business but we are a family.

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