Lead to Cash Accelerator

Decades of complex learning, distilled into one powerful process

Getting Salesforce is one thing, using it effectively to generate revenue growth is quite another.

With 20 years of Salesforce experience and 20+ years of business process improvement experience, we’ve learned a lot about how to maximise results at each stage of the lead to cash process.

Now we’ve distilled that experience, skill, and knowledge into a standardised end-to-end integrated process so you can enable business transformation across your operations, marketing, and sales.

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Generate, nurture and convert more leads
with Salesforce

Our four step system will standardise your marketing, sales and
invoicing process using Salesforce, helping you do more with less.

Marketing Automation

Use a dedicated marketing tool to identify and score leads, serving them with the right messaging at the right time to move them along the buyer journey towards working with you. Smooth the marketing to sales handover process or recycle leads back into the marketing system to maximise the opportunities for conversion.

Lead Management

Create a dedicated CRM and automatically qualify leads before assigning them to an appropriate sales rep, enabling your sales team to focus on the highest probability leads. Throughout this stage, you’ll be able to nurture your leads along a standardised path that maximises new business, expansion, and renewal opportunities.

Opportunity Management

Simplify the proposal and quoting process, giving your sales team the tools they need to manage the process of getting new business across the line or to flow back to marketing. Each salesperson will be made more effective through key deal insights, guided selling and enhanced quote approval logic.

Billing/Invoice Management

Ensure that cash flow stays healthy by integrating your financial management system with Salesforce and automated processes to give your finance team a more accurate and comprehensive picture of all they need to know. Easily track contracts, invoicing, and payments, and keep your business running smoothly.

Our end-to-end integrated process maximises the opportunities offered by your leads at every
stage of the buying journey

By stepping onto our Lead to Cash Accelerator, you will be able to:

  • Streamline your success through an effective end to end process
  • Maximise the opportunity each lead presents
  • Enable your sales team to easily draw on meaningful data and insights
  • Integrate your processes and technology to optimise your resources
  • Simply generate reports and data analytics for stakeholders – and get ‘one version of the truth’
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Critical attributes that drive value

One Single Version of the truth in Real-Time.

  • Pipeline, Forecasting, Product
  • Customer 360 – Account Management


  • Standardised & Automated Lead Management
  • Standardised Opportunity Management

Best Practice Sales Operations

  • CPQ & Product Pricing
  • Discounts & Approvals
  • Automation – Renewals


  • Contract Management
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Getting ready for business transformation

Together we can create a path to better business results. Your seamless Salesforce process starts here.