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Quick Start Service

Quick Start Service


10 Day Quick Start

Our Salesforce Quick-start package is designed to get your business up and running on Salesforce as quickly as possible. It includes everything you need to be successful with your Salesforce implementation.
Quick start packages are aimed at small to medium sized enterprises and Not for Profits with fairly basic requirements.
Our Salesforce administrators provide organisation migrations, data backups, first time implementations, and everything in between. To get started, we’ll meet with you and review your organisation, allowing us to consult upon a budget-friendly solution.
Whatever the size of your organisation we think everyone should benefit from a great CRM system. We have worked with many organisations to help them better understand the role of Salesforce and how it can help their business thrive.


What is it : 

  • The Salesforce ‘Quick Start’ is perfect for businesses looking to get Salesforce off to a fast start.
  • Most of the organisations that go for our Quick Start Package don’t currently have a CRM system in place. A lot of them are using Excel and other disparate systems to record information and it’s proving inefficient.
  • The cost for the ‘Quick Start’ way is minimal cost and businesses get be and up and running after the 10 Days.
  •  It includes everything you need to be successful with your Salesforce implementation.

Benefits :

  • Up and Running in 10 Days
  • Immediate impact
  • Minimal Cost
  • Fixed Price

Summary of what's included :



  • Fixed Price
  • Workshop to capture what you need
  • Configuration of your Salesforce platform
  • Processes & Automation
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Set up of Roles & Profiles
  • Data Migration
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Support


Please get in touch to see how we can help you today. If the quick start does not include everything you need then please do get in touch, we are flexible and dynamic so we'll see how we can best amend the package to fit your organisations needs.

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