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SalesforceA mobile app to split into SalesforceA for iOS and SalesforceA for Android

As an admin for a Salesforce org, we want to notify you that SalesforceA will be split into two distinct applications: SalesforceA for iOS and SalesforceA for Android.

This change will coincide with the launch of SalesforceA for iOS version 3.4 in the Apple App Store, currently targeted for April 25, 2017, and SalesforceA for Android version 3.1 in Google Play, currently expected on April 25, 2017.

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Business Suicide! Cause of Death: No Automation

One of the main restrictions faced by start-ups and SMEs is the availability of resources and their management. It would have been so much easier if, at the flick of a magic wand, things could just get done. Well, it can. Automation is that magic wand and businesses not using it are suicidal. This magic wand is no more an option and can prove to be one of the most useful tools which SMEs can adopt to leverage their resources and optimise their operations.

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