The role of a Sales Manager can be quite challenging. Most Sales Managers have to be persistent, creative and determined in devising strategies which work, implementing them and bringing in results. One big logical next step in that direction is investing in a CRM. It does not however just end there. Establishing a customer relationship which is beneficial both ways takes time and a lot of technique. While using the CRM as a tool is a good move, its full implementation and efficient operation comes with some challenges:

Here are 5 problems facing Sales Managers today, which we at Smplicity have chosen from our client interactions and ideas to address these:

1. Understanding CRM

Like any equipment that you invest in, you should also look into understanding CRM as a tool. A CRM tool, such as Salesforce, are powerful tools, which need to be used efficiently and this use needs to be optimized. Sales Managers need to understand how the role of a CRM in its existing processes or develop new processes around it. A certified CRM consultancy firm can assist in turning this sophisticated tool around to produce better results.

Qualities of A Salesforce Admin

2. Adopting CRM

CRM tools operate in such a manner that they provide better insight into sales teams. Under the leadership of a dedicated Sales Manager, this can be reflected back at organisational level by improving the visibility of the organization. Sales Managers sometimes fail to understand that CRMs need to be integrated and adopted as an inclusive part of the process and not just a fancy gimmick acquired for the sake of acquiring, going beyond having the system up and running. It involves setting up the aims and objectives of the system through the use of KPIs in the organization and reviewing them regularly, which Sales Managers do all the time. If you are a Sales Manager, get trained in using your CRM to your advantage and get your users trained as well on how to use the CRM efficiently. Make it a must to appraise those in decision making roles on understanding why a CRM is key. The equation is simple. A CRM, like Salesforce, is based around customers. So is your sales. Manage that well, Manage your sales well.

3. Feeding CRM with Good Data

Bad input leads to bad output. You would most probably not use low quality oil in a high performance engine. Yet, CRMs are abandoned using old data from existing databases which are either incomplete or obsolete. Data is key and primary for the CRM and Sales Managers should be able to provide for these in implementing CRMs through the use of data managers, regular scheduled reviews, on-going training and monitoring. This can also be complemented by acquiring C-Level support for the CRM operations. For a CRM like Salesforce, an official Registered Partner will be able to provide training and solutions in feeding your Salesforce CRM healthily for healthy results.

4. Reading Reports from your CRM

Sometimes it is difficult to see what is right under our nose. A CRM tool, such as Salesforce, produces information that is essential in devising strategies for sale. Good databases will lead to better processing which should lead to the best results. This is all well and good only if you know how to read and interpret reports from CRMs efficiently and take steps to optimize your operations. As Sales Managers, you should be able to streamline your reporting requirements to be in line with their business objectives and ensure matching strategies are being implemented. Reports should be regular and sent to those concerned in a format that they understand and can efficiently interpret. A good Salesforce Partner will make this seemingly complex and time-consuming process seamless and effortless, and provide you tailored insight in using reading your CRM.

Ways to Succeed with your CRM

5. Enhancing CRMs

Sales Managers are unable to leverage information received through CRMs in an effective way to generate new sales leads. CRMs not only enable to meet the requirements of existing clients but if enhanced with the combined use of marketing systems, CRMs can produce information to enable expansion of existing markets and acquisition of new markets. This approach will enable Sales Managers to reach new customers while keeping existing ones loyal and satisfied.

These are the 5 CRM Related Problems we have picked facing Sales Managers today. At Smplicity our certified team of Salesforce experts based in London and Mauritius work together to provide you a highly specialised and cost-effective support service to ensure that your business activities run seamlessly through our Support Plan Packages to help address these issues and leverage your investment in Salesforce CRM to get the best from your system.

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