Congratulations. You have joined the Salesforce users’ membership club. This is a wonderful first step in providing CRM resources for your decision-makers and executives, paving their way to making better decisions and implementing strategies for your business. This experience can be much more enhanced and the full potential of this wonderful CRM put to contribution within your organization.

1. Update your platform and update your users.

Things are on the move in this fast-paced world and the same applies to Salesforce as a CRM. Invest in a Salesforce Admin or train one to be the connecting link between your users and industry experts. Review your in-house salesforce expertise now and get them to help to be on top of their game. Ask questions, find answers, and make sure you have the right persons in the right place to optimize your Salesforce. This will not only improve your Salesforce but your ROI as well.

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2. Shop around for new apps on the AppExchange.

Salesforce works well on its own but a range of native and non-native apps are developed every day to make your Salesforce experience better. Tap in this vast market place and pick your choose of apps to enhance your Salesforce experience, from free apps to incisive apps and performance-enhancing apps. Update your existing apps and make the most of having this technology at your fingertips. Plus you won’t need a shopping cart to bring all of it home.

3. Start a documentation process.

Yes! Make a journal for your Salesforce. Keeping a documentary written record of your Salesforce processes and implementation strategies can prove to be a problem solver in the long term. It also enables users to understand how the CRM works promoting adoption at a faster rate as well as providing avenues to tweak and improve the experience. Make your journal a success story best seller.

4.Cleaning up your data can also be a meaningful way of improving your Salesforce.

This process will not only allow you to look at what you have been feeding your CRM but also enable you to update your data and get rid of the old obsolete one. This guarantees that your Salesforce will be providing the most accurate and updated information, which can then be used to devise solutions, implement strategies, and make decisions. Clean up and Act and at the same time, well, clean up your Act.

5. Collecting feedback from your users on their Salesforce experience is one of the things you can do right now to improve your Salesforce.

With regular updates or long gaps in between training sessions, some users might be having a not so good experience with their Salesforce, and obtaining this feedback is a valuable way of building upon the existing Salesforce experience and looking into improving it. This will enable you to get even more out of the CRM as the platform could be customised and tailored further to their use, with irrelevant tabs removed. One suggestion is the creation of a Centre of Excellence, which through the support of your Salesforce Champion will garner these experiences together, bringing people and processes together to develop the technology even further, increase the knowledge amongst all users, develop best practices for the CRM and increase ROI while combining all of these for the benefit of the customer.

What are you waiting for? Make these changes now and enhance the Salesforce experience in your business.

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