Here at Smplicity Consulting, we are feeling the excitement. It is that time of the year again. Dreamforce is back. Uniting Salesforce users, enthusiasts, and stakeholders from over the globe in the beautiful city of San Francisco, from 19 November to 22 November, this event is an excellent opportunity to fully engage with all things Salesforce. This gathering, the most important for Trailblazers of the Salesforce community, is the place to be if you are seeking further inspiration for your career and business:

Expand your possibilities through the solutions offered by local and international partners who will be showcasing their latest innovation. Formally or informally, Dreamforce offers the platform to discuss problems and solutions which can be game-changers in your strategy and growth as an organisation.

Give something back to the community by supporting some of the organisations working for a positive impact on society. Salesforce collaborates with and contributes to various not for profit organisations such as Girl Scouts to assist them in their mission of helping others.

Relax and celebrate your achievements and accomplishments in a fun and exciting environment with like-minded people at Dreamfest. Make the most of this downtime to raise your energy levels and positive vibes in a carnival atmosphere.

A few years ago, our founder and CEO, Goolshun Belut attended Dreamforce, and his experience was instrumental in the setting up of Smplicity Consulting. Join your crowd in November at Dreamforce.