Our journey with our employees – building and leading highly effective teams that are infused with a passion for their work. Our team members gain a deep understanding of each individual and the team’s dynamics, outlining the group’s goals, and ensures every team member is giving their best. Over the last few years, their knowledge around Salesforce has been developed by working on various projects across all Salesforce clouds including Business Transformation, Lead to Cash, Customer Retention, and Business as Usual Support across a variety of industries.

Our team has all been contributing to the Smplicity success stories of bringing value to our clients during their Salesforce implementation and beyond to ensure they continue to make the most from their investment in Salesforce while driving their growth in partnership with us.

Customer Success Story

Despite the lockdown, we are maintaining our services and we want to hire the best talent in Mauritius during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and supporting out clients beyond with our projects which will have a long term commitment.”

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Effects of COVID-19 and Job Security

While COVID-19 has had an impact on most companies globally, at Smplicity our working model and practices enabled us to adapt really quickly for maintaining our services. We can fully work remotely without any problem. All our team members are equipped with a stack of tools on desktop and on mobile as well as the equipment for online collaboration.

This means that it is business as usual for us in the UK and in Mauritius.

What does this mean in terms of job security for our employees?

We have many clients who are continuing to operate on cloud-based engagements and communicate online and we are still open to cater to their needs and requirements around Salesforce.

Our unique set of tools and practices using allows all our team members to collaborate internally and with our clients to ensure continuity with our services.

We are still receiving numerous new requests for long term projects despite the COVID-19 lockdown. It is a result of this we are expanding our team in Mauritius. In terms of employment, all of our staff member’s jobs are secure in the UK and Mauritius. We are not making any cuts and we are going against the job trend and looking to hire to expand our operations.

What does this mean in terms of job security for our new recruits?

We would like to assure our new candidates who wish to join our Smplicity family, that we are here and we will continue to be here years beyond the lockdown no matter which way the new normal will look in the future. We will be there to support organisations with their needs and requirements and help them get value from their Salesforce investment.

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