As a business, one of the guiding mottos which you need to adhere to is that the customer is king. Today, now data is king. With increasing competition and availability of products or services, knowing your customers allows you to engage with them and offer them this royal service. As a small or medium business, you need to adopt tools that will give you such insight early on to sustain and expand your enterprise. In the world of CRM, Salesforce is king, with a range of options and tools which allow you to tailor your needs as an enterprise and implement the best strategies.

Salesforce has been designed with SMEs in mind, as a flexible, simple, quick and intuitive platform providing you detailed information on your sales and operations for better decisions. The nature of the app structure is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to build on what you already have and scale-up in relation to your operations.

Salesforce is synonymous with Simplicity. It offers a smooth and easy to understand and use platform and toolkit which allows small businesses to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into their daily operations. Rather than collecting information from various spreadsheets spread all around the place, management can get access to all the information they need in one place. Due to its simplified integration process, Salesforce can easily be used with the apps SMEs use on a daily basis, such as Google’s G Suite, allowing you to connect data from your email and calendar for instance. You can also browse in the increasing variety of apps available on AppExchange, selecting the ones which are more appropriate and relevant to your business needs


Salesforce also offers an online educational program to enhance your understanding and learning of not only salesforce but also business strategies to equip you and your team in devising better strategic plans, fostering innovation, understanding regulations and creating a better team and work culture. Salesforce, as a platform, is also enhanced with AI Technology allowing you to focus more on the skills of your workforce and its enhancement rather than devoting huge chunks of their and your productive time for tasks such as data entry. Salesforce uses AI to allow easy data capture and process to provide information you can use for business decisions.

With a flexible, clear and efficient pricing structure, Salesforce is a good investment for your small or medium enterprise to focus on what it does best, have access to valuable and insightful information for better strategies and decisions, paving the way to a strong and robust enterprise with the ability to scale up and expand, while keeping customers satisfied and loyal.

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