Salesforce is one of the most adaptable and versatile platforms available to business leaders and executives, providing a range of tools and solutions to optimise business operations. One of the driving forces of Salesforce as a CRM platform is its progressive evolution enabling its users to facilitate their work and support their processes at the highest standard possible.

On the 12th of October 2019, the Salesforce Lightning Experience will automatically update to bring the latest in terms of innovation and integration. Salesforce Admins might start considering how to approach the two new features that are most likely to appeal to them, namely Salesforce Lightning and Lightning for Gmail/Outlook.

These two new features will add to the existing array of integration tools and apps available but they will not provide automatic email update syncing and there are also some calendar limitations. Some other shortcomings, which will most likely be short-lived includes reduced communication measurement and lower data quality.

On the other hand, the Salesforce Lightning components will drive forward a more seamless approach to building apps and manage user interaction. It will focus and prioritize on Self-Serve customisation. There are some further limitations which can also be expected on the email front, with the ability to upgrade to Salesforce Inbox for 25 USD per month.

This will require Salesforce Admin to encourage its users to fully explore the different aspects of the update and the platform. Salesforce Admins know first hand the difficulties in adoption and how adoption rates can be low after implementing a new system. What are the best ways to adopt these new Salesforce functionalities in your organisation with minimal impact?

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