As an admin for a Salesforce org, we want to notify you that SalesforceA will be split into two distinct applications: SalesforceA for iOS and SalesforceA for Android.

This change will coincide with the launch of SalesforceA for iOS version 3.4 in the Apple App Store, currently targeted for April 25, 2017, and SalesforceA for Android version 3.1 in Google Play, currently expected on April 25, 2017.

What is changing?
The current SalesforceA connected app will be split into two versions: one for iOS and one for Android. SalesforceA security and permission settings are currently managed by one single connected app that supports both iOS and Android. Security and permission settings for the new SalesforceA for iOS version 3.4 and SalesforceA for Android version 3.1 will be controlled by each separate connected app, respectively.

NOTE: Older versions of the SalesforceA single connected mobile app will continue to be controlled by the original single connected app.

Will the current single connected SalesforceA mobile app that supports both iOS and Android continue to be available?

Yes, the current single connected app supporting both iOS and Android will remain available to manage security and permission settings for older versions of the SalesforceA mobile app.

Why is Salesforce making this change?

Separating the single connected SalesforceA app into two dedicated applications for iOS and Android will provide the ability to control the mobile application for each platform individually; add more clarity to login history and OAuth usage; and better accommodate future enhancements.

What action do I need to take?

The new SalesforceA connected apps for iOS and Android will be automatically installed with default security and permission settings (e.g. refresh token valid until revoked, PIN lock disabled, etc.) upon first use of the new mobile apps. No action is necessary if your org does not require custom connected app security and permission settings.

If your organization would like to replicate custom preferred security and permission settings currently in place for SalesforceA, admins may configure the new SalesforceA connected apps before the iOS and Android mobile apps are made available on April 25, 2017, in the App Store and Google Play.

To obtain the new SalesforceA connected apps, install the SalesforceA Connected Apps Administration package from the App Exchange. After upgrading to the separate mobile app versions, users will be prompted to re-login.

NOTE: If your organization has custom settings in place for SalesforceA and no action is taken by April 25, 2017, default settings for SalesforceA for iOS and Android will be in effect when users begin using the new mobile apps. Those settings, however, can be updated at any time.

How can I get more information?

For more information on the Salesforce mobile applications, please reference the SalesforceA article. For additional questions, open a case with Support via the Help & Training portal.