Mauritius is positioning itself at the international and regional level as a digital island, with numerous new avant-garde projects proposed in the last budget. It is in this spirit that, a consulting company based in London, officially launched its activities in Mauritius and the region on August 18 2018 at Château Mon Désir, Maritim Resort, and Spa, Balaclava.

As a boutique specialist consultancy firm aims to offer tailor-made solutions to local companies in order to optimise their operations. We provide a range of support services relating to Salesforce, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) logistics, as well as general business advisory services. Salesforce as a cloud base platform, operating from different angles at various levels to enable better resources optimization and efficiency in an organization.

Its functions and options enable companies to put into practice an aligned and optimized approach to operations from any scale. The possibility of automation through Salesforce helps companies to fully take on a digital transformation and build tools that make them more productive and collaborative while remaining more relevant to their clients.

Identifying this trend to serve clients better while being more efficient, made this strategic move to establish valuable links in Mauritius, seen as the gateway to Africa in terms of business. Patrons and clients were able to make the most of a Porsche driving experience, the very first of its kind in Mauritius while being apprised further of how Salesforce can further their business expansion and how can assist in strategy formulation and solutions implementation.