Over the last 3 days of the Dreamforce global event, we learned about sustainability, connected with the Salesforce community, & got inspired to succeed from anywhere. The whole day was filled with a lot of networking, learning, and most importantly new announcements.

Being there in person or being present virtually, the ambiance was amazing. From start to end, we have been able to witness a huge amount of contributions from the whole community.

You missed the best of Dreamforce, no worries, you still can catch up on the best moments at any time and from anywhere. Hear the news and announcements from Salesforce and the most inspiring stories of customer success and transformation from Marc Benioff, Salesforce executives, global leaders, and many more.

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1. Sustainability Cloud 2.0

Our oceans are warmer than ever. Our atmosphere has more carbon than ever. With deforestation, we went from 6T trees on the planet to just 3T. We’re in a planetary emergency. That’s why Salesforce made sustainability a top priority.

The question on any good sceptic’s mind: how can a tech company help protect the environment?

According to Patrick Flynn, Global Head of Sustainability at Salesforce, it’s about using the full power of the company for the planet.

The global leader in CRM, today announced that it is a Net Zero company across its full value chain and has achieved 100% renewable energy for its operations. Salesforce developed emissions reductions strategies across Scope 1, 2, and 3 in four key categories—work from anywhere, infrastructure, business travel, and supply chain.
Salesforce is also unveiling Sustainability Cloud 2.0 to accelerate customers’ path to Net Zero, empowering organizations to track and reduce their carbon emissions and become sustainable businesses. New innovations include Slack-First Sustainability for better collaboration with suppliers, a carbon offset ecosystem, and industry-specific climate action plans.
“Climate change is one of the most pressing crises we face as a planet, and each one of us has a responsibility to help,” said Marc Benioff, CEO, and Chair, Salesforce. “I’m proud that Salesforce is one of the few companies to have achieved Net Zero and 100% renewable energy, but we can’t stop until we embrace every solution and get every business on board. Together, we can sequester 100 gigatons of carbon by restoring, conserving, or growing 1 trillion trees; energize an ecopreneur revolution to develop innovative climate solutions; and accelerate the Fortune 1000 to reach Net Zero.”

Salesforce achieves Net Zero across its value chain and 100% renewable energy
Sustainability Cloud 2.0 launches to help customers reach Net Zero, faster

2. Salesforce and Slack Digital HQ Innovations Announced at Dreamforce 2021

Quick take: Salesforce today announced new capabilities that help every department and industry build a digital HQ, plus new Slack innovations that improve collaboration across organisational boundaries and empower teams to embrace asynchronous working.

Why it matters: Companies in every industry are looking to create digital HQs that support remote and hybrid work across every department, and connect with customers operating in a hybrid world.

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3. Salesforce Debuts “Backup and Restore” to Guard Business Data Against Mishaps and Mayhem

At Dreamforce event, Salesforce announced Backup and Restore, a new data recovery service native to Salesforce Platform. Built with ease of use in mind, Backup and Restore automatically creates backup copies of business data, empowering any organization to restore data and recover, in just a few clicks, from even worst-case scenarios.
In the age of remote work, business data is more dispersed than ever, touching every corner of our digital HQs and home offices. As companies double down in the pursuit of digital transformation, it’s created a renewed focus on mitigating data loss caused by system failures, human error, and cyberattacks.

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4. Salesforce Launches Health Cloud 2.0, a Connected Platform to Help Deliver Health and Safety from Anywhere

September 21, 2021, the global leader in CRM, today announced Health Cloud 2.0, a technology designed to empower businesses and governments to deliver better health and safety for their employees, customers, and communities.
As we navigate a future that’s a hybrid of digital, in-person, and on-site, the focus has shifted to ensuring the health, safety, and effective business operations in the new normal — which is key to building trust and business continuity. Now, COVID-19 testing, vaccination, contact tracing, wellness assessments, and delivering healthcare from multiple settings are critical as organizations in every industry are looking for ways to be together safely with their customers and employees.

With Health Cloud 2.0, any business or government can bring people together more safely and deliver care from anywhere, helping support the health of employees, customers, and communities.

5. Salesforce Economy Will Create 9.3 Million Jobs and $1.6 Trillion in New Business Revenues by 2026

Salesforce announced a new study from IDC that finds Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026. The study also finds that Salesforce is driving immense growth for its partner ecosystem, which will make $6.19 for every $1 Salesforce makes by 2026.

As more companies build out digital HQs to support an increasingly remote workforce, Salesforce technologies have helped its customers adjust to uncertainty – enabling remote work and remote contact with customers and making it possible to develop new products in weeks, not months2.

IDC also conducted a survey of 525 enterprises across eight countries on cloud deployment and the benefits and challenges of cloud computing. Of the 74% of survey respondents who say their organizations have a formal digital transformation strategy, 97% rate cloud computing as important to that strategy. The survey also found that Salesforce solutions have enabled:

  • 47% of customer respondents to expand their workforce to more suburban and rural areas.
  • 38% of customer respondents to expand their workforce to new populations (for example, stay-at-home parents and people with disabilities).
  • 36% of customer respondents to support a more flexible work environment

6. Salesforce adds more tools for real-time personalisation to Marketing Cloud

New Marketing Cloud Features Will Expand Interaction Studio, Salesforce CDP, and Datorama. Marketing Cloud plan to expand three of their most recent, revered products: Interaction Studio, Salesforce CDP, and Datorama. New technologies include AI-enabled features, connectors, and templates – with the overall aim to “build deeper digital relationships with customers”, putting an emphasis on AI and trusted first-party.

Interaction Studio
Interaction Studio provides a whole new level of personalization for your web experiences. By listening to the actions your customers are performing on your website, Interaction Studio modifies messaging to tailor the experience to the kind of products and services they are interested in.

Make every marketing moment smarter with Salesforce CDP.

Customers have gone digital-first. And marketers must be data-first in order to engage with relevance, personalize every moment, and build trusted customer relationships. And they must do all this while driving revenue and working from anywhere. Salesforce CDP can help keep you centered with a single source of truth — providing more intelligent, actionable, and trusted data at your fingertips.

Learn how to personalise experiences, optimise marketing, and activate AI-based insights with Salesforce CDP and Marketing Cloud. Marketers can use Einstein Engagement Scores in Salesforce CDP to suppress/ignore users unlikely to engage with emails or mobile, and instead utilise other channels like advertising or social media to engage with them.

How to Use Salesforce CDP to Build Data-Driven Experiences.
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Meet Datorama

Connect, analyse, and take action on all your data in one marketing dashboard to drive ROI, speed, and growth across your business.

To see these innovations in action, watch the Dreamforce Marketing Cloud keynote session with marketing experts.

7. Service Cloud Features to supercharge support agents – Deliver effortless experiences and take service from transactional to transformational

Did you know that 78% of consumers have needed to contact companies multiple times to address a single concern? Surging customer requests have resulted in shortages in available agents.

At the Dreamforce event, Salesforce announced new additions to the Service Cloud product. Clara Shih CEO at Service Cloud Salesforce shares 3 steps on how to deliver an effortless experience to customers, employees, and service agents:

1. Build a connected platform
2. Offer complete AI-powered workflows
3. Deliver personal, proactive experiences

Watch Dreamforce Service Cloud keynote session

8. Sales Cloud – The future is AI, accessible and full-picture data, employee engagement, and customer-first sales. Here’s how we, as sales leaders, can get there.

During the Dreamforce Sales Cloud keynote session, Salesforce announced new additions to Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud which focus on revenue intelligence, sales enablement, and subscription management.

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Salesforce Revenue Intelligence – combines Sales Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau capabilities into a “unified revenue management command center“.

Sales Enablement – Onboarding, training, and development for sales reps are essential to retaining strong sales talent. The feature is simply called “Enablement”, and can be embedded directly within Sales Cloud.

Subscription Management – It lets you manage the complete subscription journey – It helps your collections teams collect cash faster w/ AI-powered predictions

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9. Tableau – Unleash the Power of Data

92% of companies are failing to scale analytics, and 87% of IT and business leaders are concerned that security and governance are slowing the pace of innovation (Mulesoft and Coleman Parkes Research).
Tableau enterprise offerings aim to mitigate data challenges, make self-service easier to scale, and easier to trust data.

Introducing Tableau CRM

During the event, Tableau has announced new capabilities to bolster its world-leading analytics platform, and solidify its reputation as the go-to choice for enterprise organizations.
The aim is to empowering everyone in large organizations with trusted and governed data, driving greater success with analytics, at scale.

Join the Dreamforce Tableau session to see how businesses and IT leaders can unlock, analyse, and act on all of their data with MuleSoft and Tableau.

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