Smplicity and Salesforce jointly organise ‘Executive Experience with Salesforce – Mauritius’

23 August 2018

Organisations need to have the right tools and resources to thrive in today’s fast paced corporate world. With the advent of technology, business operations are being geared further through increasing digital solutions. Smplicity.Co, a London based consulting group, was recently in Mauritius for the launch of its activities locally. Smplicity has been operating around the world for the past two years, with international clients in the UK, USA, Europe and Mauritius.

Smplicity has established a solid and reliable relationship with Salesforce international, the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provider paving its way to the status of official registered Salesforce consulting partner through the vision of its founder Goolshun Belut, previously Senior Business and IT Integration Manager at Accenture. He has been involved in a number of high profile projects and led global projects in CRM and Salesforce with clients including the Royal Sun Alliance, a global insurance company; Pearson, who previously owned the Financial Times; Tesco, Global Retail Company and leading supermarket in the UK; Sky and NowTV, International media company; Finastra, FinTech giant in the EU and Groupon, one of the fastest growing start-ups internationally, after Goolshun, with his wealth of experience, also assists entrepreneurs in setting up and running their businesses as a Virgin StartUp Mentor.

The team at Smplicity regroups experienced professionals with solutions based approach, combining more than twenty years of experience altogether, all of whom are Salesforce certified. Their experience and expertise enable Smplicity to deliver adequate solutions to optimise business operations at competitive rates. Mauritius, adhering to the demands of increased globalisation, is leading the way in technological innovation.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP.

Salesforce Consulting Partner Smplicity, as its name indicates seeks to simplify this integration process and offer local companies the possibility to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations by adopting Salesforce, the world’s most innovative cloud based CRM. As local companies reach out to a more and more demanding local market, and expanding international markets, Smplicity can devise tailor-made solutions to optimise marketing processes, through marketing platforms like Pardot and Marketing Cloud, to enable a higher retention rate of clients as well as increased market penetration. Smplicity offers a range of services to assist companies including devising implementation, automation solutions as well as Business and IT strategies, training and support in relation to the Salesforce experience. Smplicity also operates a strong Corporate Social Responsibility programme including pro-bono activities with charities and local communities. Its mission is simply to make Salesforce more accessible to Mauritian businesses and enable them to operate more effectively and fully exploit the sleekness and optimising power of Salesforce.

Smplicity and Salesforce presented some of these solutions to local businesses in an exclusive invite-only event on Friday 10 August, at Chateau Mon Desir, Balaclava, in collaboration with Porsche Mauritius. The German automobile powerhouse equates with Salesforce and Smplicity in their delivery – sleek, powerful, optimised and improved. Team Smplicity introduced attendees, which included Partners of Parker Randall, the CIO of Mauritius Telecom and Director of Marketing at Maritim Resort and Spa, to the benefits and advantages of using Salesforce in their operations. In another innovative move, attendees also had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of a Porsche driving experience.

For more information on how you can have your own power experience within your company, contact Dixia Digumber or Sagar Tulsidas at Smplicity Mauritius on