Salesforce Quick Start Packages

Salesforce Quickstart is a limited engagement implementation that focuses on key planning and decision-making, standard and custom configurations, and essential training for companies who want to start working with Salesforce as quickly as possible. Quickstarts packages are great for individual departments or small sales & customer services teams who want to get the most out of their Salesforce experience from day one.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is designed to drive business growth by empowering sales reps to work faster and smarter. Convert more leads, close more deals, and understand the health of your entire organisation.


  • A robust Salesforce solution tailored to your business in a short period of time.
  • Comprehensive 360-degree view of your customer’s data across your company.
  • Drive automation on time-consuming tasks and take the burden off your team’s shoulders.
  • Enhance the communication among your team members and close deals faster.
  • Improved analytical data and reporting.
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Service Cloud

Service Cloud is the ultimate platform for customer service and support, allowing you to save time by automating service processes, streamlining workflows, and supporting agents with AI-powered predictions and recommendations.


  • Provide excellent customer care and increase your customer retention.
  • Increase service agent efficiency and decrease support costs.
  • Intelligently assign the best-suited agent to each inquiry.
  • Prioritise cases correctly based on priority and the scope of the work.
  • Seamlessly share service and support information across all departments.
  • Stay on top of the latest trends and news in customer support.
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Experience Cloud

Customer Communities is focused on customer support, and provides an engaging self-service online portal for your customers, partners, and employees. Members can log in to find answers, resolve issues, and share experiences.


  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Increase customer case deflection.
  • Share technical knowledge with your customers.
  • Boost agent productivity.
  • Improved support team manageability.
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Pardot is a powerful B2B marketing automation tool designed to create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales teams to close more deals. It provides cutting edge technology that aligns marketing & sales and helps you work smarter.


  • Improve Lead qualification, revenue attribution, and target messaging.
  • Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales with marketing automation.
  • Gain a holistic view from click to sale and understand where your marketing budget can produce the most.
  • Accurately measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and ROI.
  • Nurture your leads efficiently and intelligently by automating behavior-based personalised communication.
  • Seamless integration with your Salesforce CRM, and third-party apps.
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Salesforce CPQ is a native Salesforce tool, designed for sales teams to create more accurate and highly personalised quotes. It provides centralised access to all the products, services, available prices, and customer data of your company, allowing a notable increase in productivity.


  • Allows the automation of the configuration, pricing, and quote creation processes.
  • Helps streamline the creation of quotes.
  • Experience an increase in sales by providing accurate and personalised quotes.
  • Generate contracts and close sales more efficiently.
  • Increased productivity of sales rep.
  • Automatic management of subscription renewals.
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce CRM that enables increased profitability.
  • Centralisation on the same platform using a quote-to-cash process.
  • CPQ can be used as a subject matter expert (SME) and contribute to increasing the value of a deal.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use tool.
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For non-profit organisations, keeping costs to a minimum is a priority, which is why choosing one piece of software that can serve all business purposes is the perfect solution. One subscription, one price, everything included. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers you this.

Salesforce CRM is capable of managing everything from donors and donations to personalised marketing campaigns, helping you streamline your businesses processes and expand your reach using out-of-the-box software that is deliberately incredibly user-friendly.


  • Manage donors and donations.
  • Attract new donors with successful marketing campaigns.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks.
  • Track all organisation processes in one place.
  • Event planning tools.
  • Extensive communication options across multiple channels.
  • Customisable workflows and dashboards.
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