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Salesforce Admin Service

Salesforce Administration Service


Salesforce Admin Service

A Salesforce Administrator is a business leader, deeply knowledgeable about how their company operates, intertwined in making all departments successful through process automation, and thus, integral to running a smooth & lean business. Your business invested a significant amount of time and money implementing Salesforce; however, unless you have an internal Salesforce Administrator to continually adapt the system to meet changing business requirements, the value of that initial investment will decrease over time.

What is it : 

  • Save Time - From resolving user issues and implementing custom requests to staying on top of the latest Salesforce features, managing a Salesforce organisation

  • We take stewardship of your organisation so you and your employees could focus on growing your business.

  • Save Money - The average salary with experience of upto 2 years for a Salesforce administrator salary in the UK is £37,500 per year. That does not include benefits and employee onboarding costs. For a fraction of that cost, you can have a experienced, virtual administrator working with you on a regular basis to resolve user issues and manage your organisation.

  • Increase Productivity - Most small businesses never utilise Salesforce to its full potential due to the time-consuming nature of learning the platform. We perform regular assessments of your organisation to ensure you are taking full advantage of Salesforce features.

Summary of what's included :


  • Plan regular improvements to your Salesforce configuration so that your Salesforce is helping you lead your business

  • Have online-collaboration training to upskill a team member in your specific configuration

  • To verify and release security updates, address modifications and ensure that your users are prepared for upcoming changes

  • Facilitate hosted Q&A sessions with your team that result in bringing even more useful functionality into your business

  • Quickly utilise new features that become available in Salesforce’s regular releases to stay a step ahead of your competition

  • Have someone who knows your configuration available to speak to at a time that suits you


Please get in touch to see how we can help you today. If the Salesforce administration service does not include everything you need then please do get in touch, we are flexible and dynamic so we'll see how we can best customise any package to fit your organisations needs.

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