Here are 10 ways you can succeed with your CRM

1. Training
Not everybody might be familiar with CRM and how it can be used to its optimum. Training is essential to provide all those involved in using the CRM, from operations to using the information provided by the CRM. Training will enable efficient development of strategies and get all those involved on the right track, making it a smart investment and increasing ROI.

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2. Customisation
A CRM is a blank canvas, which you need to customise in accordance to your business needs and requirements. This will involve getting information from everybody involved and parameters set to produce strategies from people in higher management to the marketing team. By developing your settings, the CRM will be more efficient in delivering strategies for your business. After all, it is your CRM and your customers.

3. Documentation
Operating a CRM needs to be done efficiently and this process needs to be done step by step, with each process documented for future use and review. This will also assist in developing internal guidelines to promote safe and efficient use of the CRM, from the date input to devising strategies from the information received.

4. Inclusiveness
CRM tools are useful to everyone. This includes higher management, who will be responsible for making key decisions in the business. They should not be limited to only approving the investment in a CRM but understand how this investment works and incorporate its use in making core business decisions. They will be the ones driving forward the culture and opinion in the business and getting them on-board will ensure early and successful adoption of the CRM.

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5. Dedicated CRM Champions
As with any other tool, an organisation needs a CRM champion. They will be the connecting link between the internal users in the organisation and third parties such as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). They are key in understanding the implementation of the CRM and how to provide it the relevant data to obtain adequate information for the development of efficient strategies and solutions. They will also be able to explain and translate the information produced to the relevant departments involved in a clear and concise way.

6. Strategy Development
There is no point investing in a CRM and not taking the information it produces into account when devising strategies. A CRM is a complete tool and departmental strategies need to be aligned with the business strategy to enhance the customer experience. One of the reasons behind failed CRM implementation is this non-alignment of internal business strategies with the requirements of the customer. After all, it is in the name itself – Customer Relationship Management.

7. Data Integrity
In this hyper-connected and fast-paced technological world. Anything can become data and data can become anything. You want your data to be something, which you can use to devise your solutions and strategies. It is therefore essential to ensure that customer data is accurate, clear and not obsolete. CRM feeds on data and providing the wrong data will end in the wrong information.

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8. Resources
Another way to maximise the success of your CRM is ensuring that you have adequate and appropriate resources at your disposal for the CRM. This includes the delivery of data, the necessary platforms, and backup systems as well as the resource persons available to train and explain, to execute and implement, and to advise. Finally, you should ensure that financial resources are also available.

9. Disruptions
CRM should be adaptable. The fast pace of the business environment means that changes happen all the time, from changes in management to changes in ownership to changes in direction. CRM should be at the core of business decisions and change management should take place seamlessly, without feeling the impact of disruptions.

10. External Expertise
CRM is a powerful tool, especially when used efficiently to deliver extraordinary results. Businesses and organisations should plan for and invest in external expertise, such as Managed Services Provider or an approved Official Partner to optimise its use of the CRM in question.

These are 10 ways to succeed with your CRM System, adopt these practices and turn your CRM in your best ally. At Smplicity our certified team of Salesforce experts based in London and Mauritius work together to provide you a highly specialised and cost-effective support service to ensure that your business activities run seamlessly