Smplicity plays a huge role in the success of many organisations, whether it’s with their Salesforce implementation or defining and implementing business strategies. Our relationship with our clients has deepened throughout the last 5 years and we have become their ongoing Salesforce support partner.

Some testimonials from our clients:


This journey has been an incredible learning curve, and we have pushed ourselves outside our comfort zones to ensure you have stayed in yours, with seamless business operations, mainly powered by Salesforce. Our advisory and technical teams have augmented their capacity-building abilities to provide customised and innovative solutions, focused on making your business and its operations efficient and competitive. We have provided and continue to provide innovative digital solutions to NonProfit, SMEs as well as large-scale Salesforce customers. We work very closely with our clients to define clear and achievable business objectives and process improvements to help you achieve digital transformation effectively.

On this note, we would like to seize this opportunity to say thank all our clients and partners for trusting in our team. We have helped companies across different industries including Fitness, Transportation and Logistics, Financial Institutions, Non-profits organisations, and many more through our engagements. We have made great strides in establishing our company and family culture. Despite the worldwide health crisis, we have continued to maintain our support for our clients and there was no impact on the delivery of our services and our team was accessible to help with Salesforce needs.

Case Studies

Our philosophy and work ethos is to go even further, beyond expectations, transcending requirements to provide a more positive impact as a service provider and make your organisation stay one step ahead of the competition and in line with best practices.

We would like to share some of our successes:

  • Financial Technology organisation: we have delivered a huge project which now gives them a best in class end to end lead to cash process – and moreover it has given them a great digital platform to address the ‘new digital’ business environment that COVID has enforced on the world
  • Transport and Logistics Firm: we have made their Salesforce platform better and reacted swiftly to meet their urgent need to create a digital account opening solution
  • Fitness Technology: we have continued to improve their Salesforce platform to help them react to and take advantage of the upward spike in their business due to COVID changing how gyms provide services.
  • Non- Profit organisation: Implementation and Gmail Integration, Lead & Opportunity stages optimisation

Smplicity is not just your trusted partner but more of a catalyst to the growth and development of your organisation. We have taken all steps to be more than ready for bigger challenges.

Happy Anniversary to us, to our very talented Salesforce team of experts, and to all our clients for being part of our history and the Smplicity family. And we hope our collaboration continues for the next coming years.

Smplicity your salesforce support

Thank you for trusting us.
Thank you for believing in us.
Thank you.