As seasons change with the passing months, and you see yourself switching from the comfort of linen jackets to the warmth of woolly coats, your business needs and requirements will also change as your organisation goes through a transformation, sometimes sooner than you can anticipate leading to you consider external help and prevent being overwhelmed.

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There is a fine line between seeking external assistance and handling things in-house, and knowing when to cross this line can be tricky. We have identified some indicators which will ring the bell and alert you that help is needed.

Let’s imagine you are Santa Claus and …

1. Hmm I need to fix that sleigh but don’t know when – You cannot find time to fix your problems

You have a business to run and customers to keep happy. You cannot take time out of your busy schedule to deal with an unexpected IT problem. Sometimes, these issues can be so specific and require bespoke solutions. This means that you require a longer time to find someone who can help you with a solution.


2. Hey! Where are all the letters from the kids? What is this inbox thing? – You are not aware of the latest updates.

Salesforce, like other software, is changing and improving all the time with newer functionality and features and it is impossible for the average business to keep track of these changes and implement them in an efficient way.

3. Say, Rudolph, where are the chimneys? How will I go down? – You cannot spot or react quickly to problems arising

A good Support Partner will be looking after your Salesforce System for you, and if it looks like there is going to be an issue, they can proactively work with you to fix the issue to give you the best user experience. As someone rightly said, Prevention is better than cure.

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4. Okay, guys. We have only one night! – Time is more and more precious.

You do not want to spend time-fighting fires or spend a lot of time on the phone, e-mails or looking at a chat window, deliberating whether someone is actually there and will be getting back to you. Working with a Salesforce Partner will reduce this waiting time. Here at Smplicity, our focus is your business. We are on hand to acknowledge your request quickly and provide adequate solutions, irrelevant of your chosen support plan.

5. So many kids! So many names! So many toys! Ahhh how can I manage all of this?- You may miss out on the opportunity to learn new ways to use technology to improve your business.

Having external support with Smplicity means we can see your business needs and requirements and help you get the most out of your Salesforce CRM System investment. Technology is a tool and we know how it can be used for your business.

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These indicators will help you in assessing where you are with your business.

At Smplicity, our certified team of Salesforce experts based in London and Mauritius work together to provide your business highly specialised and cost-effective support service to ensure that your business activities run seamlessly.

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