Salesforce CPQ provides multiple options to discount prices, some of these are simple, some are more complicated to support the needs of millions of individual businesses across the Globe. The discounts can be set on the entire quote, individual product lines, or product groups, all enhanced by several categories.

Robust CPQ discounting systems support even combinations of discount schedules with block prices, which gives you the flexibility to move from flat pricing to per-unit pricing.

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So how can your business benefit from the CPQ’s Out-Of-The-Box ‘Slab’ discounting feature for example?
It all depends on the individual business process requirement, but you may not want to have large dips in your reporting graph like when you use block discounting. The slab tier discounts can offer a more steady curve without dips, but it may not be attractive to start at 1% for example, or to create too large gaps in quantity to start at a 5% discount with 31 or more products purchased if you’re limited only to slabs.

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This type of discounting can be applied automatically on the quote line without any user input to mitigate the human error in calculations, especially if multiple currencies are in play as well, conversion rates, or additional discount groups. Salesforce CPQ is doing all the heavy lifting in the background for you flawlessly. Some businesses have the need to apply additional or pre-agreed discounts with partners, based on individual contracts. This can be easily configured to support business requirements. There are many discounting options including indexing and compounds, term discounts, automatic target price discounts, and more. The flexibility of choice can be applied if the user wants to use a value discount or percentage instead.

Discounts in Salesforce CPQ can be also used to drive complex automatic approval processes, email notifications, creation, or updating records in Salesforce for example. Possibilities are limitless from simple discount solutions to more complex requirements to support any industry and durable growth of your business. CPQ is aiming to increase your efficiency, productivity, minimise errors by applying the correct discounts at the correct time and scenarios, and at the same time reducing your admin. Mobile-ready, multi-lingual, multi-currency, GDPR compliant – that’s Salesforce Lightning experience.