There are many articles out there on the internet about what makes a good Salesforce Admin. How do you know who are the right Admins and who will help you get the most out of your investment in a Salesforce CRM system? This is what we will explore and help you make up your mind about a strong business partner to work and engage with. A CRM is a long term investment. How will a Salesforce Admin assist you? Which traits should you look out for to get the best from this working relationship?

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Here is an elevator pitch for what is a Salesforce Admin.

In summary, the role of a Salesforce Admin is to help you and your business understand the features and capabilities of Salesforce and ensuring you develop positive relationships to ensure your business has maximum engagement with the system to improve your processes and encourage user adoption. From all stages of your implementation process to after support, the relationship between you and your admin will ensure you get the quickest ROI from your Salesforce CRM investment no matter which department you are in.

What are the 10 key traits to look out for are below when choosing your Business partner and trusted adviser?
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True Believer in CRM

Your dedicated Salesforce Admin will be a True Believer in CRM with proven experiences in how they have helped other businesses consolidate their processes and understand the benefits of the Salesforce CRM platform to support your business processes. They will work with you at every stage understanding your requirements to map the solution to your business challenges and processes and articulate the benefits to your business. These benefits can be measured as time saving and make life easier for end-users while being easy to learn and adopt.

Interested in IT and How It Can Help You and Your People

By saying the Salesforce Admin should be interested in IT is an understatement. A true admin will show you the benefits of the CRM System and what it means to you and your people to get the most from the Salesforce CRM Solution for your business. The trait you will look for here is how they can use IT to solve your business challenges. These Admins will ask you many questions to understand how your business works and the underlying processes. The best admins we have forge relationships and always make sure you understand WIIFY (What Is In It For You) at each stage of the engagement process. WIIFY is the key to our successful partnerships with Smplicity’s clients.

Strategic Salesforce services

Strong Grasp of your Business Processes

The best Salesforce Administrator has a strong understanding of your business and your internal processes. A lot of these learnings come from hours of engagement through many channels including phone calls, e-mails, face-to-face meetings, and discovery workshops where everything is mapped out. They will look to understand your company’s business model and work to become a trusted advisor to address your business needs and requirements.

Strong communicator

Qualities of a strong communicator are excellent communication, motivation, and presentation skills. Your admin must be confident in their ability to effectively communicate with developers, users, and key stakeholders in the project. Another quality here is to be able to understand conventions and address challenges together. Your Salesforce Admin is always approachable and ready to communicate to support you and your business.

Respond to Changes

Responding to change is another important trait a Salesforce Administrator possesses. These changes could be in relation to the scope of the project or in relation to business requirements or processes. Other changes could be proactively responding to changes and identifying customisations. Being logical and process orientated can help here as this a quality required for the maintenance and support of the Salesforce CRM system. Constant engagement through support will allow both parties to continue their relationships as needs and requirements evolve over time.

Proactive Engagement

The trait of proactive engagement is used to build and maintain relationships before during and after a Salesforce CRM implementation. They will act as the intermediary between user and management to ensure all business processes are captured and reflected in the final CRM implementation and support. At Smplicity, part of our Proactive Engagement Model is to always get feedback from our clients to push ourselves and maintain relationships and deliver a positive experience getting and using Salesforce CRM.

Good Project Management Skills

This trait is important for managing expectations and deadlines especially when managing projects over a long time period. This allows for the effective delivery and adoption of your Salesforce CRM system. Most of our projects at Smplicity are delivered through the Agile Project Management process.