The COVID19 pandemic has redefined some of the features of poor communication such as lack of transparency, untimely communication, and conflicting information.

It is essential to communicate effectively during this crisis. One first step is to have in place a reviewed communication plan. This plan should include a number of possible scenarios with matching action plans, which should remain flexible and adaptable.

Maintaining Our Services

Communication needs to be proactive. Schedule regular communications with reassuring information as much possible, without the use of overtly negative connotations. This can be through emails, personalized preferably or phone calls. It can be demanding but being compassionate and understanding in these difficult moments can go a long way. Your communication should aim to inform, reassure and show your customers that you are in this together with them. You should also consider reviewing your marketing strategy and messaging to ensure that any planned communication does not come off as insensitive.

More tips

You can also communicate through positive acts such as financial donations and contributions to fundraising initiatives in this time of crisis, and better still may be start your own. You can also contribute logistically by donating medical equipment or dry goods to those in need. Do what you can to help. If you have a business structure which can assist, put it in use. Make sure your communication is clear, compassionate and centered on your customers.