What is Conga composer?

Conga Composer is a third-party document generation tool that helps generate documents. It allows the creation, customisation, automation, and generation of documents and quotes with a single click on a button. Conga Composer is the best way to go if you want to generate rich documents in Salesforce like quotes, invoices, contracts, etc. You can easily convert your existing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF templates to work with Conga, which can be embedded seamlessly into your Salesforce environment.

Composer can be used in various industries including Technology, Retail, Health & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and many more. It is compatible with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, and Portals.

Conga Composer use cases include:

  • Proposal & Quote Management
  • Contract Management
  • Workflow Management

Conga Composer is available on Salesforce AppExchange.

How does Conga Composer help businesses?

Conga Composer helps businesses save time by automatically pulling information from Salesforce records, merging the information into templates, and presenting users with final documents almost instantly. End-to-end automation means less time dealing with paperwork and more time winning over customers.

Conga Composer uses Conga Solution records to store all the information on that document template including the outputs, behaviours, data queries, and more. With Conga’s point-and-click builders, you can easily create Conga Solutions using the Solution Builder, Conga Queries using the Query Builder, and templates using the Template Builder. There’s no need to learn any code!

Below is a screenshot of what the Template Builder looks like:

Watch Demo on AppExchange

Once your document is ready, Conga Composer provides you with multiple options for downloading, storing, delivering your output as:

  • Download immediately
  • Email Automatically
  • Send for eSignature
  • Save it directly in Salesforce, Google Drive, or Spring CM.

You can also integrate Conga Sign which is a secure eSignature solution available on any device, initiated from Salesforce This will help save time for documents that require signatures.

Conga Composer has a range of add-ons when it is required to run solutions in batches or to schedule document generation or its delivery:

  • Conga Batch – launches on-demand or scheduled solutions in batches.
  • Conga Trigger – runs individual solutions through Salesforce Workflow rules. It allows you to create and distribute documents without user interaction.

Why should you use Conga Composer?

Conga Composer has been specifically designed for Salesforce and is updated frequently to leverage the platform’s advances. With Conga Composer, you will get rid of human error and boost your overall productivity and efficiency. You can generate thousands of documents in multiple formats per day without increasing staff resources.

Conga Composer does not just produce and deliver documents – it automates your entire business process with just a few clicks. Therefore, your team has plenty of time to work on the important stuff.

Also, depending on your requirements, Conga Composer can be used along with other Conga products to provide you with a better experience!

If you want to learn more about Conga, it is recommended to sign up on their website to get access to:

  • Virtual instructor-led learning
  • Self-Paces courses
  • Certifications

How can Smplicity help?

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