What is Slack?

Acquired in July 2021 by Salesforce, Slack is a messaging program designed specifically for the workplace. Developed by American software company Slack Technologies and now owned by Salesforce, Slack offers many IRC-style features, including persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce and Slack?

Salesforce and Slack are both powerful business tools on their own. But bringing together the world’s no. 1 CRM, integration, and analytics platform with the world’s most innovative communications platform unlocks all sorts of new business-driving capabilities.

Salesforce Customer 360 unites every department, from marketing to sales to commerce to service to IT, all on one integrated platform. Slack adds a layer of engagement, further improving alignment across your organisation while boosting productivity. Imagine your sales reps being able to update opportunities right in Slack, or service agents being able to access and close tickets all in one place. With all the tools your people need, right where they want them, your employees can deliver their best work, from anywhere.

With a single, shared view of your customer information available in a collaborative space, traditional silos and barriers are a thing of the past. You’ll see improvement in communication and collaboration, resulting in better business outcomes for your employees, customers, and even your partners.

Both Slack and Salesforce integration with all of your favourite business apps, so you can bring your technology together, automate processes and drive better business outcomes faster.

You can even build custom apps on our platform with low-code and no-code functionalities. Or you can tap into our combined ecosystem of more than 8,000 apps to tailor Customer 360 to your company’s needs.[Slack.com]

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About The Integration

Slack can be integrated with a Salesforce org to allow different functionalities like:

  • Search a specific salesforce record directly from Slack
  • Automatic notification/alert on Slack whenever a record change has been made
  • Sending automatic messages whenever a record is created via process builders and flows.
  • Slack actions buttons on record page layouts automatically send the record details on a Slack channel.
  • Attach Slack Messages to Salesforce Records

How to integrate Salesforce with Slack

Add the Salesforce App to Slack

  • Click on ‘More’ on Slack and select ‘App’
  • Search for Salesforce and Add it to Slack
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Connect your Salesforce Org to Slack

  • Go to the ‘Salesforce’ App section and click on the ‘Connect Account’ button

Click on ‘Allow’ as follows:

Enter your Salesforce username and password:

Salesforce sends you an automatic message on Slack that you are connected to your org.

Install and Setup the “Companion App” to your Salesforce Org.

Slack Setup from your Salesforce Org

  • Once you have logged in to your org, go to the ‘App Launcher and search for ‘Slack Setup’

Configure the following one by one to complete the setup:

System Connections:

Enable and activate Custom Objects

By enabling Custom objects, Users will be able to communicate their slack messages for specific custom objects similar to standard objects as well.

Automatic and Manual Alerts

  • Custom Alerts. In this case, a custom alert on the Opportunity object has been configured when a record stage changes.
  • Org Configuration – Add Slack Actions to Layouts- i.e. Adding buttons and related lists
  • By clicking on the ‘Send to Slack’ button, the following pops up:

Upon clicking this button you could choose what object record you would like to send, the channel or person you would like to send it to, and also the personal message you would like the person or channel to see.

For example here let us write down, have we completed our proposal for this opportunity, please?
Click on Send to slack.
As you can see, the record has been sent to the specific user and it is available on the chat.

  • The above account is then sent/shared on Slack on the ‘test’ channel.

Automation Configuration

The ‘Message Destination ID’ can be used on automation tools as follows in a process builder. The message destination ID is used in the Action configuration section. In this case. whenever a new account is created, an automatic message is sent to the Slack channel ‘test-account-creation’.



Overall, using the Slack integration gives your users a fast and efficient way to pull Salesforce information and add notes to records – all while working directly in Slack.
The upgrade now includes support for both Sales and Service users, as well as the ability to send messages between the two applications, with the option to set up alerts for notifications about records in Slack. All of this functionality can save your users time and clicks, allowing them to stay in one place to complete their work more effectively.

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