The culture at Smplicity Consulting has always been about sharing knowledge and learning from one another. Smplicity team is a highly talented group of people with many skills, however, being on camera is not necessarily one of these. This is why we are sharing with you how some of the team members strike into the world of Salesforce and how they are growing fast. Not forgetting, the amazing consulting team will be putting together some of their favourite features and tools whether it’s new and old to help others make the most of their Salesforce practice.

Read on our exclusive interview with Preeya and find out more about her experience and her spicy tips:

Careers at Smplicity

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am a Salesforce Developer and I am known to be a hybrid admin/ developer.
I have both an IT background and a project management background.
I help support and maintain the Salesforce platform for clients at Smplicity.
I don’t like repetitive work and I am always up for any challenge, and that’s the reason why I joined Smplicity.

Tell us how did you break into the Salesforce world
I discovered the Salesforce world when I got my first job.
I was given a brief overview of multiple technologies to choose from and Salesforce drew my attention.
The fact that I could learn by doing Trailhead and work at the same time really appealed to me.
I have done multiple badges and certifications which has increased my confidence when working.

Tell us about how your days go by working at Smplicity
I start my day by checking emails and tickets.
I usually work on 3-4 user stories a day and they can range from support to improvement.
No day is the same with Smplicity and it’s never boring.

I attend daily standup meetings with clients.
I have worked with the Salesforce services; Sales Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud, and Pardot.
I have been a Consultant, advising clients on Salesforce solutions.
I have also been a Developer, implementing customised solutions to meet client requirements.
I have been a Business Analyst involved in capturing business and technical requirements from client workshops.
I have also written an article on the top Salesforce release updates.

But my favorite is publishing an app on AppExchange for the first time.
You never know what you are going to be working on.

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Preeya developed the Naming Convention Tool which standardise your Account, Opportunity, and Cases Name without any hassle. The tool Tool saves the user’s time by applying a pre-configured naming convention to the object’s name field automatically. The setting is intuitive and applies to all records unless individual bypass is invoked.

By using Naming Convention Tool you will be able to standardise your records, have cleaner data and save users time. The features offer to build custom naming convention from available fields within the Salesforce object as well as custom date formats, separators, and prefixes.

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Another genius in the team, we bring to you Humairaa.

Read our short interview with her and about her expertise:

We are recruiting

Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you break into the Salesforce world

My journey in Salesforce started in 2016 when I was offered my first job. While I was studying for my degree, I was really fond of web development and was looking for opportunities after my graduation. Then I came across a job posting for fresh graduates.

During my interview, I did mention my preference but it wasn’t available at that time and they told me they currently have an opening for Salesforce Developer. I was quite hesitant because I have never heard of Salesforce and I never thought of my career in CRM. Moreover, I was told it’s a bit like Java and I didn’t particularly like Java.
They convinced me that I will like Salesforce because it did have so web development, as well as Java programming and database. I did some research online and since I was looking for a job, I decided to give it a try. And they were right! I began to love Salesforce. Hence, began my career in Salesforce.

Tell us about how your days go by working at Smplicity

Since I joined Smplicity I have been learning new features in Salesforce. It makes work fun and interesting as I’m not limited to only one aspect. Whenever there’s something new we discuss it among team members and we also have trailhead. I have worked on several projects, each one having a different feature. So we are always discovering new things. The industries I have worked with include utilities, food and beverages, finance, delivery, marketing and communication, and insurance.
As you can see, Salesforce is for all types of industries. Also, working at Smplicity allows me to have a work-life balance with flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. I was provided an opportunity to be part of the Change Management process by delivering training to improve the user adoption of Salesforce as part of a project I worked on. That was an enjoyable experience.

For those who have not heard about Salesforce and are curious to know more, make sure to go through Trailhead, a great platform to learn just about everything concerning Salesforce. You can create a developer org to practice the exercises available on Trailhead and explore the different features. The org is yours. So you can play around, discover and improve your Salesforce skills.

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Humaira often gets requests from clients to set up features on Salesforce. And on this note and with the help of other experts, she decided to make life easier with some how-to videos.

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We are also super excited to celebrate another team member, Ashfaq who has been on our team for the last 2 years.

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m currently Delivery Manager at Smplicity, where I handle our top-performing consultant. Before joining Smplicity, I worked as project lead on the implementation of ERP systems for SMEs for the sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean region. And while I really enjoyed the work that I did, I’d love the chance to dig in much deeper with other solutions and technologies on the market, which is why I’m decided to join Smplicity 2 years back to learn more about the world no 1 CRM, Salesforce.

Tell us how did you break into the Salesforce world

My first encounter with Salesforce was years back when the founder of Smplicity was looking to build the first team in Mauritius, but at that time I decided to pursue another opportunity. The opportunity arose again 2 years later when Smplicity was looking to establish their delivery centre in Mauritius as an extension of the UK team.
After a few discussions, I finally made the move in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Tell us about how your days go by working at Smplicity

On my average day, I start the day off by checking my emails. This way, I can reply to priority emails and get everything organised at the start of the day. Then, We have the whole team for a daily scrum to assess any risk, blocker, and plan for the day. My remaining time goes into the PMO tasks for our projects and operations tasks.

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With a wealth of experience within the industry, we are super excited to interview Evans, one of the talented Salesforce developers we have in the house.

Salesforce Developer

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Evans and I am very passionate about technology. For as long as I remember I always was fascinated by computers and what they could achieve. Somewhere down the line, this fascination has led me to become a developer.

Tell us how did you break into the Salesforce world
I was introduced to Salesforce while I was studying at the university. I thought it was a great idea to have a CRM as a cloud platform. Being passionate about coding, Salesforce APEX which is basically Java drew me in from the start.

Tell us about how your days go by working at Smplicity
Usually, it starts with coffee and goes through emails. Then it is the normal developer stuff: solution design, implementation, testing, and deployment. Also, I would lend a hand here and there, attend a few meetings, brainstorm with colleagues. And every so often we would have a meet-up, whether virtual or at a nice place, with the team to get to know each other better and share experiences.

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Evans developed the Pardot Audit tool. A tool that is essential to keep a healthy account moving smoothly. There are plenty of reasons why we need to perform regular audits on Pardot accounts.

With all the Salesforce release notes, Smplicity superstar Akshaye – Salesforce Technical lead always shares his predictions and tips for the year and beyond.

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Tell us a bit about yourself
I am Akshaye, working on Salesforce for more than 6 years now. Started mainly as a Salesforce developer and progressed slowly where now my role is more of a senior salesforce consultant and technical lead. I had the chance to be involved in all phases of development in Salesforce and also worked in different types of projects like education, insurance, publicity, and so on.

Tell us how did you break into the Salesforce world
After graduation, I accepted the best offer I had from IT companies. I had a choice to make between three technologies, Oracle, Sage, and Salesforce. I chose Salesforce since I believed this would give me the best chance to continue coding and indeed this was the best decision I made as not only did I learn and progress as a consultant but also continued to progress on the technical side as well.

Tell us about how your days go by working at Smplicity
It starts in the morning by checking my calendar and notes about what is planned for the day and reprioritising what can be achieved. The rest are normal work like call or implementation but the best thing at Smplicity is I have the flexibility, I own my works and hence I can reprioritise thought-out the day.

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